Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Spotlight(by Tom McCarthy) Is an Intelligently Dull Movie.

This wants to be regarded as an 'intelligent' movie, and I guess it is. It eschews sensationalism and feels at times more like a European film or a low-budget Cable TV movie centered on dialogue and characters than suspense, thrills, and fireworks. Okay, so this feels more 'intelligent' than most other movies. So, it didn't exploit the sensationalist elements of the subject matter. Still, what does this movie offer that couldn't have been conveyed in a magazine article?

ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN, accurate or not, made the investigation feel engaging and alive. Here, we just see people doing their job in mundane manner. Maybe that is closer to the truth, but we sort of know that already, i.e. work is about daily routine and patience. If this movie wants to pat itself on the back for being honest about the nature of work --- that the truth slowly emerges in bits and pieces than as earthshaking revelation, and there is no Eureka moment --- , that's all fine and well. But it doesn't tell us anything we didn't know already.

By the way, why this focus on the Catholic Church? If Hollywood is really daring, how about blowing the whistle on all the crooked stuff done by Jews that have had a far worse impact on American Society? But oh, that would be 'antisemitic'.

Rating: 3/5

Sicario(by Denis Villeneuve) Is a Sick and Slick Exercise Combining Seriousness with Sensationalism

Villeneuve is a real pro, and his treatment of Sicario is a sleek streamlined piece of machinery. It is also soulless and predictable. Why did it need the Emily Blunt character who only stands around as an observer? The mystery man played by Del Toro has aura and presence but nothing of interest or depth. But of course, he is mysterious. If the point of the film is that the Drug War is a real mess characterized by lots of moral grey areas, I think we know that already. Better off reading an article than watching this movie.

Rating: 2/5

The Big Short(by Adam McKay) Is a Rigged Game that Blames Everyone but the Jew

The biggest Jew-Wash movie since SOCIAL NETWORK. Everyone heard something of the financial disaster of 2008. So, who were behind it? This movie pretends to name names and reveal who's who, but the overriding agenda is to hide the Jewish faces. The Jewish identity of those involved in the fraud are never mentioned, BUT we are explicitly made aware that one of the truth-hunters is JEWISH. You see, Jews have faces when they have conscience but are faceless when robbing the world blind. So, we see Mr. Jewish Conscience tackle with all these fraudsters. The face of Goldman Sachs is some Asian-Indian guy. Morgan Stanley is represented by a black woman. The face of CDO fraud is some grinning yellow guy. Meanwhile, we see the Mr. Jewish Conscience feel outraged by all the dirty tricks pulled by banks and investors. Of course, the only reason he's hunting for the 'truth' is he wants to cash in big by betting on the right horse. But you see, this Jewish guy is all about conscience, so at the very end, when he decides to cash in on his loot, we see him filled with so much angst and doubt. Oh boo hoo hoo, because Jews care oh so very much of course and don't want to profit off the misery of others.

And we get the usual tripe about how the nation blames 'poor people' and 'immigrants' when times go bad. Okay, how about instead of blaming the poor and the immigrant community, we blamed the urban liberal community made up largely of rich Jews? Let's attack the most powerful and most privileged people in America. Would that be better? But then, this is the very movie that obfuscated Jewish role in the financial disaster by using Asian-Indian, black woman, East Asian, and lower-end white peddlers of home loans for the disaster. Foul ugly movie. It should be called Big Snort. Cocaine for those who would be duped by Jews and their gentile cucks who worked on this trash. But it's fun to watch at least.

Rating: 2/5

Diary of a Teenage Girl(by Phoebe Gloeckner and Marielle Heller) Is Like Being Trapped in a Robert Crumb Comic Book. Ewwww.

A foul disgusting movie about some dumpling-faced girl who loves playing slut to her mother's boyfriend... or that's what I made of it while fast-forwarding through the ugly mess.  The girl looks like Paul Giametti with a wig, and I kept wondering... what do I care whom she screws? Set in 1976 around the Bay Area. They say California is a harbinger of trends in the rest of the country, and the sexually retarded behavior in this movie is now the national norm among millennials. Truly an Ugh kind of movie. Ugh.
Watch Ghost World instead. That one is a masterpiece.

Rating: 1/5

Hara-Kiri(Remake By Takashi Miike) Is Just Okay Enough to Spare Miike from Committing Seppuku Himself

Unnecessary but creditable remake of Masaki Kobayashi's masterpiece. Directed by Miike, most famous for mindless exercises in sleaze and sadism. The opening segment features an impressive balance of stylistics and somberness, the long middle section told in flashback is adequate but flat, and the finale is exaggerated to the point of ridiculousness. But given the terribleness of most remakes, this one deserves at least the recognition of 'interesting try'.

Rating: 3/5