Sunday, July 2, 2017

JEEPERS CREEPERS 2(directed by child-molester Victor Salva) is horror trash but has style to burn

Victor Salva followed up JEEPERS CREEPERS with this sequel that is even more audacious, astonishing, and hair-raising in style and suspense. Salva's wicked creature is many times creepier than most horror villains(and funnier in a gross way, as Salva seems to be a student of George Romero and Sam Raimi of EVIL DEAD fame).
Unfortunately, the movie feels a need to preach us a sermon about race(like Romero at his worst, as if to morally justify and overcome the tawdriness of the b-movie material), so we get the predictable scenario of how white kids and black kids must cooperate to survive the swooping attacks by the Alien-Monster-and-Freddy-the-Kruger-with-Wings. For anyone who knows about race, this is too comical. Surely, it's hard to conjure up horror worse than the horribleness of ghastly Negroes. The white kids and the monster should have united to whup the Negroes.

Rating: 3/5

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